Why is Video Content Marketing Important for Business?

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Video content is increasing in popularity. The video hosting site, YouTube, is the second most visited website in the world. More than 500 million hours are viewed on the video platform every day. 


People prefer to consume video content, and they have become accustomed to high-quality video content across all platforms.


In recent years, more and more social media sites have looked to incorporate video content into their platform. Instagram introduced reels and stories, and Facebook’s “Watch” is a primary feature on their mobile app.


For those in the B2B space, LinkedIn now supports video uploads and pushes video content to your main feed.


Research suggests that more than 92% of marketers think that video is important to their strategy.


Supplement your marketing strategies with video for improved engagement and to drive sales.

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Return on Investment

Video content has higher engagement rates than traditional written content. As a result, conversion rates are higher, too.


In fact, research suggests that including videos on landing pages increases conversion rates by around 80%.

Video Content marketing

Overall, users prefer to watch videos. Around 69% of people like to watch videos about new products or services, rather than read about them. 


The improving popularity of video-only apps, like TikTok, is proof of the public preference for video content. Whilst this is partly due to the users, marketers have also made themselves at home on video hosting platforms.


The main reason for this is the return on investment. Higher conversion rates make video content worth the marketing spend. 


Video content doesn’t need to cost more than your traditional content. Consider using videos to boost your existing marketing strategies. 


For example, video content can be utilized in email marketing campaigns. Emails with video in the title typically receive more opens and clicks. Your video content has the potential to improve the ROI of outbound, inbound and paid ad strategies.


There’s no one right way to use video content in your marketing. The medium is visually rich and versatile. 


Your video content marketing should generate a personality for your business, and reach further audiences. 


There are multiple types of engaging video content. Consider one of the following for your next campaign:

  • Tutorials and How To’s
  • Paid Video Ads
  • Social Video

One of the main benefits of video content marketing is that users can consume video content anywhere. YouTube has been the primary source of video content on the internet since it began 16 years ago. However, audiences now watch a large amount of video on social platforms, too. Our technology has adapted, as a result. 


We are now able to watch our favorite creators everywhere. Smartphones, tablets, and laptops have all been created with multimedia in mind. While long articles and blogs are challenging to read on a smartphone, video’s are much more accessible. It’s important that marketers take advantage of this portability. 


Video content marketing can make your leads and prospects work for you. Social video is shareable. Your contacts and leads can share content that they found valuable with other relevant users. This spreads your reach beyond your initial audience. 

Google and YouTube Optimization

Google is the most popular search engine in the world. However, it is closely followed by its sister company, YouTube. As video popularity increases, users are searching YouTube for answers to their questions. Therefore, it shouldn’t be discounted for SEO.


Without video content, there is no ranking on YouTube. Produce good quality video, and optimize titles, descriptions and tags for YouTube optimization. 


If you can rank well on YouTube, your Google search result ranking will improve, too. The search engine has a recommended video feature that appears above web results. 


SEO serves to improve reach and drive organic traffic to your content, increasing conversions and lead generation. The traffic generated by your video content has the potential to improve the results of your existing marketing strategies.


Video can be a valuable addition to your SEO strategy. As the public consumption of video content increases, it’s likely that YouTube ranking will become more significant for business.

Video as a Sales Tool

Outbound and paid ads are more sales-driven elements of your marketing strategies. However, they can both benefit from the implementation of video content.


Consider boosting your existing outbound campaigns. For example, email marketing campaigns can benefit from multimedia content like video. Research suggests that emails containing video see open rates improved by 19%. Video also improves click-through rates by around 65%. 


Video is also ideal for use as a lead nurturing tool. Consider the stages of your buyers’ funnel. Your video content can assist leads through the various stages, and convert into sales. For example, early-stage leads might benefit from a demonstrative video. 


However, those that are more inclined to make a purchase could benefit from video reviews and testimonials.


As an example, Loom is a video and desktop recording tool. You can record your screen, and yourself, at the same time. This is a great way to provide feedback, or create demonstrations, depending on what is relevant to your prospect. Your video content can be tailored to each lead, and they require fewer resources and time to film. 


Innovative tools like Loom are making video content more accessible to marketers. Crafting tailored and relevant content is much easier than it has been in the past.


Effective sales video, and lead nurturing, should encourage your leads towards that final sale, which is key for business success.

Beat the Competition

As mentioned, video popularity is increasing in the marketing industry. However, the B2B space has been slower in the uptake of video content.


In fact, 64% of marketers feel that video is the most difficult content to create. They believe that it is too costly, to be worth the investment. As a result, many companies still haven’t formulated an effective video content strategy. 


This is an excellent opportunity to stay ahead of the competition. Engage with video as a content medium, ahead of those in your market. 


Your video content generates a personality for your business. Your leads become familiar with your “personality”. Familiarity and trust can be key driving force when making purchase decisions.


At Nituno, we know how to make the most out of video content. We create video content to suit a variety of marketing strategies. Get in touch with us today for help converting video engagement, into business sales.

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