What Problems Does Content Marketing Solve for You?

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In the US, around 93% of marketers use content marketing. This is because content marketing is an increasingly effective way of generating traffic.


This is especially true for B2B companies, as they typically market more complex products or services. Content marketing answers questions and provides insight that helps customers make better buying decisions.


The world of advertising is oversaturated. Users are more aware of advertising and marketing methods. As a result, companies need to find new avenues to reach their audiences.


Whilst content marketing on its own isn’t a silver bullet, it can be integrated into existing strategies. So it doesn’t mean you need to replace your email marketing campaigns any time soon.


Content marketing can supplement your marketing efforts, and provide you with extra reach.

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Budget Saving

For those operating on a limited budget, content marketing is an effective solution.


This is particularly relevant to startups and small businesses. Because the content will continue to generate relevant traffic for some time after the content went live.

Content Marketing

Content like blogs, guides, and ebooks are completely free to make. Any cost related to content marketing is typically spent on salaries. This is necessary if you hire someone to make content for you. However, as a startup, you may wish to do this yourself. 


In its most basic form, the only ongoing cost required is website hosting. Compared to an advertising campaign, this cost is relatively low.


Content marketing is better for your bottom line. As your initial spend is lower, your ROI increases with each lead generated. 


This marketing strategy can also produce a lower cost per lead than more costly methods like online advertising.

Increasing Loyalty

Good quality content should add value for your leads. As long as your content is helpful to them, they will trust your company before they even become a customer.


Content and increasing user trust in that content positions a company as an authority within its market.


As a result, people may even recommend you as a brand without ever having purchased from you. They may not have personal experience with your brand, but they recognize you as a reputable company. 


Those that are already loyal customers can use your content to market for you. They can share content that they found useful to their connections. Their loyalty to your brand continues to generate leads. 


Newer leads should keep returning to your content, as they gather more information around a subject. Each time they visit your website, or engage with your content, their loyalty builds.


Around 78% of consumers believe that companies providing custom and unique content want to build long-term relationships.


Good quality content serves the reputation of your brand. Ultimately, this generates more and better customers.

Qualified Leads

Content Marketing

When deciding whether content marketing is right for you, consider the buyers’ journey. A buyer may begin completely unaware of their problem, or any solutions. They aren’t ready to purchase at this stage.

Good content should answer all the questions about their problem ahead of time. Content allows your leads to become qualified before they officially contact your company. As a result of your informative content, leads will know what they want or what problem they need to solve.


This is also particularly useful for solutions that are a little more complex. Rather than being bombarded with questions about your product, your content will have provided that information for you. Each and every potential lead should be knowledgeable enough for a purchase.


Sales Cycle

This is also beneficial for your sales team, if you have one. Leads only need to get in touch with sales when they are sales-ready. This saves time on assessing the qualifications of leads. 


For even smaller teams, who may not have an allocated sales team, time is even more valuable. Your company doesn’t need to interact with leads until they are prepared to make a purchase.

Content vs Advertising

Content can be more effective in your market than advertising methods. The trouble with ads is that people can recognize them easily. Online users are becoming more and more capable of doing so. 


Now, ads also have to be declared as advertisements, or sponsored posts. This makes them particularly easy to single out from other content. Naturally, people avoid them where possible. For example, around 65% of people admit to skipping video ads.


As content is simply information around a subject area, it does not need to be declared as such. Content marketing doesn’t include promotional content.


The content encourages people to come to you of their own accord, rather than pressuring them. When people feel that they have made their choice autonomously, they are more likely to convert.


By utilizing a content marketing strategy, you are not contributing to ad fatigue. Contribute to the content that they are already consuming, rather than interrupting it.

Enhance Your Strategies

Your content can continue to serve your company for a long time. It is reusable, and can be consumed by multiple different leads at different times. 


Good quality content has a longer lifespan. As long as you continue to update your content as it outdates, it could be consumed for years to come.


As it is reusable, content can be utilized within other marketing strategies. This saves time and is extremely efficient.


Social Media

Your content, including blog posts and guides, can be shared across other platforms. Ensure you’re posting your latest content on your social media accounts.


Users who found your content helpful can share it with their connections on their social media accounts, too. Add social media buttons to your content. This is a great way to make your leads work for you.


Social media can also guide your content. By getting involved with trends or conversations that you see on social media, your brand will seem more relevant.


Email Marketing

Emails already have great conversion rates compared to many marketing channels. They are a great opportunity to repurpose your content.


Transform a blog post into an email sequence, for example. This is a great time-saving technique. 


Linking to your content is also a great way to drive traffic to your website. Including interesting information, that is elaborated on your website, is a good way to increase conversions and engagement.

Content Marketing for Your Company

Content marketing has been used successfully by both B2B and B2C companies. However, it is particularly useful for startups. Due to its low cost, it can be implemented for a small outlay.


As content is reusable, it is also an extremely efficient marketing strategy. It is key that startups use their time wisely. 


Content marketing can help you grow, and generate more leads. As your revenue increases, you can begin to look into other areas of lead generation, like advertising. Content marketing could be a great stepping stone for the advancement of your new company.


Nituno can work with you to generate a content marketing strategy. Find qualified leads for your startup with us. Get in touch today.

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