SEO Content Writing Services: Questions to Ask

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a critical component of an effective inbound marketing strategy. The process involves optimizing web pages, blog posts, and other content on a website to better rank on search engines like Google. 


Google has a set of algorithms that assess the suitability of content and web pages for a user, depending on chosen keywords. If the algorithm believes a piece of content is relevant to a user, it will rank highly on search results. 


Not only that, but a website needs to fundamentally perform well to improve its Google ranking. Results that appear higher in the list of search results naturally receive more traffic. 


Effective SEO is about using good quality and relevant keywords, and an understanding of the search engine algorithm, to improve traffic on your website.


The best inbound content is well-optimized and well-written. You need to attract relevant leads to your site and then provide value, with a good user experience. This is a fundamental strategy of inbound marketing. Without good SEO, you may be writing to no one.  


SEO content writing services aim to improve your search engine ranking, write good quality content, and improve your website’s organic traffic to contribute to lead generation in B2B tech.

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SEO Expertise

This might seem like stating the obvious, but your SEO content writing partner needs to have a background in SEO. For instance, they might have a certification with an SEO agency like SEMRush. 


Many marketing agencies make claims to understand SEO, and how it works for your industry. They must demonstrate this expertise. A certification is invaluable, as SEO algorithms fluctuate regularly and your partner needs to keep on top of these industry changes. 


Here are some key points to remember about SEO, and how your partner should be implementing your strategies:


SEO content writing services


Again, this might seem obvious, but not every marketing agency uses its own strategy. Ultimately, the best way to prove the effectiveness of your service is by using it yourself. That is to say, your SEO partner should be ranking well on Google. 


There is a lot of competition out there, with many agencies claiming to be SEO experts. Despite this, only a few can rank at the top of search results. The best SEO content writing partners will understand their niche, with websites optimized to reach the most relevant buyers. This demonstrates the service that they can offer to your company. 

Now, this isn’t to say that the best partner for you is the first result on Google. A content writing partner must fit well with your business, and there are many other elements to that. Find a partner with a combination of demonstrable SEO skill and talented content professionals.

Portfolio and Experience

In discussions with a potential partner, take the opportunity to view their existing portfolio of clients, or ask for testimonials. A good SEO content agency should be able to talk about their happy clients, if even anonymously. 


Effective reporting and performance monitoring are important. Your partner should be able to show where their clients started, and how their services improved their SEO performance. Key metrics include website authority scores, traffic numbers and conversion rates. 

SEO experience isn’t the only important consideration, though. Your ideal partner should have experience in your industry. SEO isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ for every business. In B2B tech, SEO needs to fit with a wider marketing strategy and be adaptable to your specific niche. Consider your potential partner’s existing market, and whether that aligns with your own.

SEO Marketing for B2B Tech Companies

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Varied Talents

Needless to say, SEO expertise is important in SEO content writing services. At the same time, it’s important to not forget about the content. No matter how well-optimized your content is, it still needs to be high-quality or leads will lose trust. 


Your partner should be able to offer a variety of content creation services, with a talented workforce. Blog posts and long-form content are important for SEO, but visually-rich content like video or graphic content can be just as valuable. 


Video content can improve the dwell time of your web pages, which tells algorithms your content is engaging. Graphic content can help to improve conversions and generate leads which, ultimately, is the end goal of any inbound or SEO strategy. 


When searching for an SEO content writing partner, consider the bigger picture, and how they can help you meet your marketing end goals.

Communication and Best Practices

An SEO content partnership is just like any other business partnership. The right collaboration requires more than just expertise. Both companies need to align well and be working together towards the same goal. 


Communication is critical in ensuring that partnered teams can operate productively. Consider how your potential partner communicates internally and externally, and whether that aligns with your business. 


For instance, do they use similar task management or communication software? This isn’t the be-all and end-all, but it could be useful if they can integrate with your business as easily as possible. 


Similarly, when viewing their portfolio or examples of content for previous clients, assess their best practices for content creation. Do they have clear guidelines? How well do they stick to them? It’s important that you feel comfortable leaving your SEO strategy and customer-facing content in the hands of your partner. 


There are many important elements to finding the right SEO content writing services for your business. B2B tech is a challenging industry, with plenty of competition, and you need to be confident that your partner can deliver. Ultimately, your partner needs to understand your industry, its challenges, and your business needs.

SEO content writing services

At Nituno, we work with B2B tech companies to find their place in the market. We use SEO and content, combined with an effective inbound marketing strategy, to drive organic traffic. Get in touch with us today to discuss your SEO content writing needs.

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