SEO Blog Writing Services: Questions to Ask

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In today’s digital world, it’s relatively simple to find content writers online. A quick search will unveil thousands of available professionals. But when it comes to crafting informative, engaging content that’s fully optimized for search engines, the search for SEO blog writing services gets a little harder. 

The success of content writing is based on the value of the information you provide and the level of trust you create. However, your content cannot perform if potential buyers cannot find it online. That’s why it’s crucial you choose a good SEO service, to accompany your content writing. 

In this blog, I’ll look at why SEO blog writing services are important. I’ll also examine how other factors besides content shape SEO, and how to find the right SEO partner.

The Role of SEO Blog Writing Services

Guide to SEO Marketing for B2B Tech Companies

SEO blog writing services create content designed to rank highly on search engines. Writing clear, bold copy that aligns with your potential buyers’ queries is a must. Equally important, however, is mastery over the more technical aspects of SEO. These include keyword research and optimizing posts for crawlability by Google bots. 


‘Spiders’ are used by Google to continually crawl websites, searching them for things like broken links, potential plagiarism, irrelevance to their purported topic and sparse or empty pages (aka ‘thin content’). These factors all play a part in determining how a blog is indexed on Google – and how well it will rank for your chosen terms. 


Look Into Technical SEO

There’s more to great SEO than just great content. Technical SEO or on-page SEO refers to techniques websites use to make their content more crawlable, from separating content with H1 headers to providing succinct summaries in their meta descriptions


SEO can also be bolstered further by using content in tandem with other marketing, such as using paid ads to drive traffic to your website – a key part of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategy – and enhancing newsletters and other outbound marketing with links to quality blog posts. 

Look for SEO blog writing services that understand the impact of content, and are resourceful in its implementation.

Get an SEO Coach

Let our team of SEO coaches help you craft and deploy a success SEO strategy.

Get an SEO Coach

SEO Blog Writing Services: What Separates Good From Great

Great SEO Services Take the Time to Understand Your Audience

It’s crucial that your SEO service understands your buyer personas.  If not,  the content they write won’t resonate. Look for a blog writing service whose first step is learning about your company’s value, goals, and target audience. There’s no generic content that’s recyclable for guaranteed SEO. Be very wary of services that lead with claims like this. Your content needs to be tailored to your buyer.

Great SEO Services Understand the Buyer’s Journey

Also important to great SEO blog writing is targeting your potential buyers across all stages of the buyers’ journey. The buyer’s journey is the process every customer goes through to purchase a product or service, and consists of three key stages: 

Awareness → Consideration → Decision

We would also argue that a fourth stage, Retention, is crucial, as it’s far more cost-effective to keep a customer than obtain a new one. Happy customers act as ambassadors for your brand. 

For instance, some forms of marketing, such as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads, are of limited use in the early stages of the buyer’s journey. However, this is one of the things that makes content marketing so powerful. SEO blogs can be used to nurture your leads at any stage. From the top fo the funnel to the bottom, great content helps you generate leads across the board. 

By providing informative content, your blogs will create brand awareness and trust right from the start. A great SEO blog writing service will know this and strategize keywords and content accordingly.

SEO Blog Writing Services

Great SEO Services Demonstrate Great SEO Knowledge

As mentioned above, effective SEO blog writing means starting with the technical aspects of SEO. Certifications from HubSpot, SEMrush, and Google Analytics are a great sign that an SEO blog writer has taken the time to understand their craft

It’s also well worth examining their portfolio for analogous other clients.  As well as their own marketing, do they practice what they preach? All agencies are going to promise quality and expertise, so you need to be the judge of whether they actually deliver.

Great SEO Services Build a Strong Content Plan and Strategy

The SEO blog writing services you hire should have a consistent, logical process in place for building strong content. This is true even if you are just looking for a limited contract. Once they understand your buyer personas, make sure they are conducting proper keyword research and competitor analysis to create a solid base to build from.

Great SEO Services Evolve Your SEO With Time

Core Google updates act like small earthquakes – rejigging what’s ranking well and what isn’t. While these updates can have major effects, smaller, focused updates are implemented every day and can change the goal posts over time. For SEO to stay great, it needs to be audited regularly. 


Ideally, the SEO blog writing services you hire will act as a partner to your business, maintaining and updating your SEO as well as providing infusions of new content. But, even if you’re only after a one-time deal for a set amount of blog posts, look for an SEO service that is honest with you about the importance of auditing and updating your content in the future.

SEO Blog Writing Services

SEO Blog Writing Services for B2B

Great SEO doesn’t just define successful content marketing, it underpins all of our experiences online. Everyone has Googled a query at least once and accepted the answer quickly provided to them by Google featured snippets. And nearly 30% of people will click on the first Google search result to answer their query. This demonstrates the enormous amount of trust we put in SEO to find us the most relevant, timely, and trustworthy information on things we care about. It also demonstrates why high-ranking blogs are the best free advertising a B2B company can have. 


At Nituno, we are passionate about compelling, effective SEO blog writing. We are a content marketing agency that uses a combination of methods including inbound, outbound, and PPC to turbocharge our clients’ growth. If you need SEO blogs that are tailored to your industry, get in touch with us today. 

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