Paid Advertising Strategy

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Paid Advertising Strategy

For an American eCommerce SaaS Company

The Client

Our work

This client is a US-based eCommerce Fintech company. They offer cash advances to growing eCommerce businesses to help them to invest in their future. The client works with businesses from various eCommerce backgrounds, including those on eBay, Amazon, Shopify, and more. 

The client differentiates themselves by also offering an advice service for those that take cash advances, allowing businesses to understand how to best invest their money. Having just finished a funding round, they needed to accelerate growth. To meet their goals, they needed to rethink their paid advertising strategy. 

Paid Advertising Strategy

The Problem

Our work
$ 0 k
Monthly Paid Ads

The client’s paid advertising strategy wasn’t performing well enough. Their keyword targeting wasn’t working, and they were spending over $100k per month trying to gain traction. This massive spend was achieving a flat or negative ROI, and ad spend was continuing to grow as results dwindled. 

Not only that, but all their competitors were competing for the same limited bottom-of-funnel leads. 

Events weren’t a scalable approach, and with paid ads not working, the client needed a new acquisition channel.

The Solution

Our work

The client needed to change their paid advertising strategy. Instead of competing at the bottom of the funnel, we worked to move targeting up the funnel and push content via paid advertising.  


They also had to diversify their lead generation channels. We implemented a combination of content marketing, outbound marketing, and affiliate marketing. This resulted in us launching a partner program as a new acquisition channel.

paid ad strategy

The Results

Our work
0 %
Reduction of CAC

We reduced the client’s Customer Acquisition Cost by 139%. This was achieved by cutting unnecessary costs and optimizing their paid advertising strategy to reduce the budget. 

We opened up new channels that required less upfront spending, like content marketing, which helped us to reach new buyers.

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