Customer Acquisition & Partner Program

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Built a Customer Acquisition & Partner Program

For a Leading eCommerce Intellegence platform

The Client

Our work

The client is an eCommerce intelligence platform. They collect, index, store, and rank data about DTC eCommerce companies. This data is used to benefit sales and marketing teams, for targeted messages. The same data can also be useful for investors.

Customer Acquisition

The Problem

Our work

Churn Rate Challenges

The client was facing challenges with their churn rate, and customers were dropping away over time. Therefore, they needed to decrease their churn where possible, and boost sales to negate losses. 

However, the customer also told us that the existing customer acquisition channels weren’t performing as well. The client needed to find new and innovative ways to generate customers.

The Solution

Our work

Together, we launched a partnership program as a new approach to customer acquisition for the company. This channel is still relatively new to the B2B and tech marketing space, so we spent time honing the messaging and working to find the right partners.

We also added nurturing to the partnership program alongside a custom onboarding process. This ensured that partners remained engaged and could continue generating revenue for both parties. It was critical to avoid a high turnover of partners, too.

Customer Acquisition

The Results

Our work
$ 0 k
ARR Secured

These efforts secured £800k annual recurring revenue in just eight weeks from launch. Not only that, but customer churn decreased by 56% in the same time period.

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