Marketing Tech Stack: Top Tools for B2B Marketers

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In B2B marketing, a technology stack refers to the sum total of all applications and software tools used in a marketer’s work. Due to the ongoing growth of the tech and (SaaS) industries, marketing technology is taking a bigger role in all marketing departments. A great marketing tech stack underpins a B2B marketing strategy’s success.


However, despite this growth, our research suggests that 50% of marketers are still hesitant to onboard new software, and that it must first demonstrate a solid and clear ROI. For the majority of marketers – it’s about finding the right tech stack. 


So what tools have already proved essential in any marketing tech stack? You’ll need analytics tools to measure the success of your marketing efforts, tools for your keyword research and SEO, A customer relationship management platform, and customer service tools such as a call center application and scheduling tool. 


In this article, we will look at seven key pieces of marketing tech for outbound, inbound and paid marketing.

What is it? The ultimate all-in-one customer relationship management (CRM) platform

Use It For: Unifying Marketing, Sales and Service teams.

HubSpot Logo

Why It Belongs in Your Marketing Tech Stack: 

You’ll doubtlessly be familiar with the name HubSpot – the CRM platform has become ubiquitous in the B2B space. The company’s all-in-one approach allows for streamlined communication between different factions of your customer-facing teams, and their content management systems are a highly effective support for your content strategy.

Mailchimp Logo

What is it? An email marketing automation service 

Use It For: Effective Outbound Email Sequences

Why It Belongs in Your Marketing Tech Stack: 

One of the most commonly googled questions about Mailchimp is ‘Why should I use Mailchimp instead of Gmail?’ – which is fair enough, considering Gmail is a free platform. But the comparison sells Mailchimp sort in terms of what its capabilities are. Mailchimp allows you the tools to design beautiful email sequences, landing pages, and even ads, automation to set them in motion, and analytics to determine their effectiveness. Far more than just a scheduling tool, it’s a great all-in-one platform for outbound marketing.

What is it? A cloud-based call center and phone system

Use It For: Accessible and collaborative phone support

AirCall Logo

Why It Belongs in Your Marketing Tech Stack: 

Aircall’s phone system lives in and operates entirely from the cloud. What this means for your business is extremely straightforward to set up. We haven’t found another call center technology that parallels its offer for both comprehensive communication support and ease of use.

marketing tech stack

What is it? A website profiler tool 

Use it for: Unparalleled insights into competitors and potential leads

Why It Belongs in Your Marketing Tech Stack: 

At its most simplified – BuiltWith’s offering is a plugin to see what software websites are using. Its data and analytics go far beyond that though. Builtwith aggregates all the usage data it collects from websites, it can reveal key insights into your competition and leads. When used correctly, its analytics make it a highly powerful lead generation tool.

What is it? An intelligent automation tool for paid advertising

Use it for: Automating and tracking paid ad campaigns

marketing tech stack

Why It Belongs in Your Marketing Tech Stack: 

Meta is a marketing operating system that uses a mix of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and AI to eliminate technical, mundane and repetitive tasks from your paid advertising workload. As a lot of SEM strategy hinges on experimentation, Metadata’s simplification of that process can really accelerate your growth. Its analysis tools can also help you get faster insights on what’s working and what isn’t, increasing your ROI in the long run.

marketing tech stack

What is it? A keyword research and online ranking data SaaS platform 

Use it for: SEO and keyword research

Why It Belongs in Your Marketing Tech Stack: 

The uses for SEMrush are numerous – from its extensive keyword research tools to competitor analysis, running SEO audits and uncovering backlinking opportunities, SEMrush is essential for any B2B company intending to use content marketing. SEMrush’s positioning tool is also widely recognized as one of the best on the market.

What is it? A qualifying, routing and scheduling software

Use it for: Connecting with and scheduling qualified potential leads

marketing tech stack

Why It Belongs in Your Marketing Tech Stack: 

Touted as ‘the most advanced scheduling and routing software for B2B revenue teams’ Chili Piper is an online appointment scheduler. Armed with tech to automate significant portions of your inbound conversion and customer service processes, so when your lead talks to a sales person or an existing customer reach your service team, they are funnelled through to the right person.

marketing tech stack

What is it? An SEO plug-in for WordPress

Use it for: Polishing and optimizing your content creation

Why It Belongs in Your Marketing Tech Stack: 

Think of Yoast as Grammarly for SEO – it continually scans your content for errors and scores it accordingly. If you maintain a blog as part of your marketing strategy (and we highly suggest you do) Yoast can strengthen your SEO significantly, leading to higher rankings and ultimately, greater ROI.

Hopefully, this article has provided you with some insights into the top tools for your marketing tech stack. Ultimately, your marketing tech stack needs will vary depending on your current strategy and the scale of your marketing efforts. However, no matter how watertight your marketing tech stack is, you’ll still need great content and a strong SEM strategy to succeed.


That’s where Nituno can help. We couldn’t find a B2B tech agency that met the specialized needs of the industry – so we became one. Our content writers are Hubspot and SEMrush certified SEO experts. We use a combination of marketing strategies, including inbound, outbound, paid and video advertising to drive every client’s growth. If you’re looking to drive leads and grow your brand awareness, get in touch with us today.

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