HubSpot Sequences: How to Get Started

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HubSpot email sequences are a tool in your sales and marketing kit to help with your outbound marketing. With the ROI from paid advertising diminishing and the fact that inbound takes a long time to generate an ROI, companies need to start outbound now. The team behind HubSpot built the tool to be your marketing hub, a one stop shop for sales and marketing. Outbound emailing is part of that vision of being your marketing hub. 

HubSpot sequences are a journey of sorts that you can use in a variety of ways. In this post, we’ll discuss what HubSpot sequences are, and how you can utilize them best for your B2B tech business and sales pipeline.

What Hubspot Sequences are

HubSpot sequences allow you to automate how you keep in contact with your leads before they buy your solution. There are different aspects of the sequences that you can change to directly target your different contacts. These include the timings of the emails, the language used, and any content that you want to push to them.

They also work seamlessly with HubSpot’s lead scoring system, allowing you to filter the scores of your leads into how the sequence progresses. This will keep your warm leads invested, and allow slightly colder leads to develop their relationship with you.

HubSpot Sequences

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How They Are Used

HubSpot sequences are used to nurture your leads with a mid/high lead score before you finalize the sale. 

Unlike generic email sequences, you can customize them and integrate reminders for your teams. For example, once a lead reaches a certain point in their journey, you can create tasks for manual intervention. This could take the form of a phone call or sharing a personalized proposal.  Alongside the lead scoring integration, you will have clarity with your leads. The goal is to understand better which leads are high quality and need to speak to sales and which you just want to keep in touch for the future. 

As soon as a contact replies to an email, and books a meeting, the sequence will automatically remove them from the journey. Alternatively, if they still aren’t ready to buy, you can simply move them to a different sequence which can be more tailored to them based on what you learned in the meeting. 

Within the sequence, you can add a journey point which is a task for your teams. These can be required tasks before the journey can continue (such as calling the contact) or non-required, such as checking the status of your lead scoring.

At this point you can also look at utilizing your marketing team to create specific content that may aid in raising lead scores and move your contacts into more tailored sequences that would be beneficial to your relationship.

HubSpot Sequences versus Workflows

HubSpot also offers a service called ‘Workflows’. These are somewhat similar to HubSpot sequences but are less customizable for individual customers. Workflows are better used for your colder leads. Or, at least ones that you don’t have much information about.


Workflows aren’t as customizable as sequences, and therefore don’t work for tailoring to individual companies. They are optimal for bulk communication to gain an understanding of the contacts behaviours online and what aspects of your company they are looking for a partnership in.


Put simply workflows are if/then business rules so you can trigger emails based upon behavior. As an example, they are well suited to sending downloadable content when a lead completes a form or sending other emails based on specific behaviour or the lead’s persona. 


With this, you can create marketing tasks within your workflow to further inject content into your emails that will be beneficial to growing relationships with the contacts.

The Benefits and Challenges of Sequences


  • HubSpot sequences are simple to set up and edit with changes
  • They are the most direct form of automated communication that you can have while limiting the manpower of your team
  • They are very customizable, allowing you to tailor to different company sizes or even just different Lead Scores


  • Because sequences aren’t used as a bulk form of communication, you are limited to sending 150 emails per day. You’ll need to ensure that your tags and categories are concise and tailored
  • If you include content in the sequence, you will not be able to see the click-through rate immediately. Only once the email has been opened or replied to will more information be available to you
HubSpot Sequences

How HubSpot Sequences Can Save You Time

As mentioned above, HubSpot sequences are automated, meaning that you’re immediately saving time and money. They help you to keep in regular communication with your leads, allowing you to focus your attention on contacts that are on the precipice of buying. You can keep your leads hot while they continue to deliberate as to whether they are willing to purchase a product or service from you.

At Nituno, we’re a HubSpot partner.  We can utilize HubSpot Sequences, and integrate their Lead Scoring, in order to help you to organise your leads and nurture them. Our technical teams work hand-in-hand with our content marketing team to provide tailored content for your sequences to help improve and grow the relationships with your contacts. Get in touch with us to find out more about how.

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