HubSpot and Aircall Integration: What to Know

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HubSpot offers various integrations to help implement effective marketing and sales strategies. From the initial contact with your visitors to signing contracts, there is an integration for you and your team. These integrations allow you to streamline your processes and keep all of your information in one place, having HubSpot as your one source of truth for your business. Among these available integrations is the HubSpot and Aircall integration. A CRM and cloud-based phone system work together to create organic connections with potential customers.

How the HubSpot and Aircall Integration Works

Keeping in constant contact with your leads is vital to growing your relationship faster and generating a robust foundation for a sale. Sometimes you don’t have enough labor force in one place to keep on top of incoming contacts as well as your existing customers. 


Aircall allows you to outsource to a call center, and utilize the cloud software to delegate and assign calls in real-time. This way you can direct calls to the most relevant people to ensure that inquiries are dealt with efficiently and to the high standard that your contacts deserve.


Whether you’re using Aircall for outbound calling to follow up with new conversions, or inbound calls from leads answering queries about the progress of your potential contract, the HubSpot and Aircall integration is customizable to your needs.

hubspot and aircall integration

How the HubSpot and Aircall Integration can Streamline your Business

By integrating your Aircall account with HubSpot, you gain all of the control that the platform offers. Alongside this, you can keep all of your contact information in one place and use all of the HubSpot features seamlessly with Aircall.


For example, by using the HubSpot lead scoring system, you can set up a specific call with your contact once they reach a certain score to discuss where to move forward. Contacts with a lower lead score could receive a call about more high-level information, whereas ones with a higher score can schedule a call to discuss more in-depth topics or to put to bed any final concerns they may have before signing. 


Alongside this, you can use the workflows that HubSpot offers to create tasks for your team to schedule a call with your contacts, using Aircall. Once that point in the workflow has been reached, you can then send them any additional content that would be useful to them following the call.


Aircall provides your teams with reports on the dashboard which gives you a variety of information that you can use to improve your processes going forward. These include average inbound and outbound call time, the number of inbound calls missed by the team, and the wait time of inbound callers before being answered. 


These analytics, alongside the ones found on the HubSpot dashboard, will give you a better idea of how your team is performing by keeping in contact with your leads and generating relationships, and knowing where to focus your team to improve results.

Why the HubSpot and Aircall Integration is Important

Although content is important to building relationships with your contacts, being available for a conversation whenever they require is the best way to generate trust. The content that you provide them with will back up what you have discussed with them and create a sense of unity.


Trust is the foundation of relationships, both personal and professional. Your clients are trusting you to help them to grow their business – so it is important to prove to them why your company is right for them. 


Conversations are the best way to do this. The HubSpot and Aircall integration allows you to be reachable when needed, while also allowing you to track the progress of the team.

Building Your Customer Relationships

The HubSpot and Aircall integration, as well as other integrations, is an integral part of building relationships with customers. Integrations smooth out not only your sales and marketing processes, but also how you utilize the HubSpot platform to its fullest potential. Aircall allows you to easily outsource your ‘call center’ if needed.


Keeping on top of customer relations in a smaller business can put a strain on where best to prioritize your staff. There are agencies that aid you with these processes, and can integrate seamlessly into your HubSpot and/or Aircall accounts – so that you can focus on your solution.

hubspot and aircall integration

At Nituno, we not only have expertise in marketing strategies and how to optimize them for SEO to maximize your outreach but are also a HubSpot certified partner. We can help you to grow and optimize your usage of the HubSpot platforms, as well as implement the right integrations to streamline your sales and marketing processes. 

If your teams are focused on communications with your customers and need help with content marketing, we have content experts that know how to write SEO-optimized content for both your inbound and outbound customers. Get in touch with us today to discuss further how best we can help you to streamline your processes and utilize your HubSpot platform to its full potential.

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