What is a HubSpot Agency?

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HubSpot is one of the most popular marketing tools in the industry. In fact, the company has around a third of the market share for marketing automation. The software has become a staple in the marketing department of companies across the world. Therefore, so many companies look to a HubSpot agency for help. 


The tool allows you to manage all your marketing in one place. With automation features and integrations with other popular platforms, like Salesforce, HubSpot is the go-to tool for improving marketing processes and efficiency. 


However, despite so many marketers integrating HubSpot, many companies fail to get the most ROI out of the software. Our research has found that as many as 50% of marketers believe they aren’t getting the most out of the platform.


As a result, many agencies outsource their Hubspot integration and management. These companies are known as HubSpot agencies. So, should you consider outsourcing your HubSpot? What do you need to know before you choose a HubSpot partner?

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What is a HubSpot Agency?

A HubSpot agency is typically an external marketing agency that manages HubSpot implementation and integration. They should have a working knowledge of and experience with HubSpot in a variety of industries. 


Often, HubSpot agencies are HubSpot partners. This means that HubSpot themselves recognize the agency, and recommends them as a partner for your HubSpot implementation. 


As mentioned, many HubSpot agencies are also full-service marketing agencies. This means that they not only have experience with HubSpot, but also a variety of marketing strategies. They understand how HubSpot fits into a wider sales and marketing approach. 


The ideal partner will have a holistic approach to marketing tech integration. This is critical to ensure that your business is getting the maximum ROI from your software. If your software isn’t performing from all angles of your marketing, then it is a waste of resources. 


Take the time to find the right HubSpot agency for your business before committing to a deal. Poorly integrated HubSpot can ultimately do more harm than good.

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Benefits of HubSpot Agency Implementation

There are a variety of CRMs available for marketers. Why should you work with HubSpot? As previously mentioned, it is one of the most popular solutions available for marketing automation. Marketers in a variety of industries trust CRM to ensure smooth sales and marketing processes. Here are just a few benefits of the HubSpot CRM and marketing suite:


One of the key tools that HubSpot offers is its marketing automation software. The marketing tech solution can automate a variety of common marketing tasks. These include email marketing automation, and social media marketing. 


Use HubSpot to generate email marketing sequences or drip campaigns. Ultimately, the more effective automation in place, the more time your marketing department will have available. They can spend this time on tasks that require human intervention, rather than repetitive tasks. Free up your marketing experts with HubSpot automation.

All-in-One Approach

The CRM and marketing suite were created to allow marketers to do all their work in one place. Typically, marketers work across a variety of software. You might have one platform for social media, one for email marketing, one for your CMS, and so on. This becomes even more complicated when you try to integrate sales for a more seamless customer experience.


HubSpot can handle all of these areas of marketing on one platform. Their features include a social calendar, email automation, landing pages, and a CMS. By keeping all of your customer interactions on one platform, you get a clearer picture of how your marketing is performing. 

Integrate with Sales to Manage Relationships

Integrating marketing with sales is key to ensuring the best customer experience. Plenty of your customer interaction will occur before they get in touch with the sales department. Ensure that your customers are best qualified before reaching the discussion stage. 


However, to ensure that this is as smooth as possible, you need a CRM that handles relationships in one place for both the marketing and sales teams. The more your sales teams know about each lead, the better they can engage them, and vice versa. HubSpot enables this feedback loop between the two teams.

Manage Your Social Media

Many marketers will use social media calendar software to manage their social presence. There are plenty available on the market, all boasting a variety of features. However, managing social media externally to all other marketing is unnecessary complication. HubSpot offers a social media calendar that can integrate with a variety of platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

Why Partner with a HubSpot Agency?

You’re happy with HubSpot, perhaps you’ve already paid for the software, so why do you need a HubSpot agency? Chances are, despite best intentions, you’re not getting the maximum performance out of your HubSpot CRM and marketing suite. Many marketing teams only use a handful of the features, and avoid integrating the software fully. A HubSpot agency can help with this, and much more.


A HubSpot agency will be experts in HubSpot and all its tools. Many companies purchase HubSpot, and then have to spend time and resources investing in company-wide training. This is time-consuming which, despite the free courses HubSpot offers, costs money. 


Your chosen agency should already be well-versed in HubSpot and all its tools. They can jump straight in and begin working on your marketing automation. Not only that, but they will be able to work with your in-house teams to facilitate and advise on their use of the tool. 


For many, hands-on training is more effective than video training. Check with your potential partner to ensure they’re willing to consult with your existing teams.

Access All Areas

A HubSpot partner agency will have an existing relationship with HubSpot. They will have access to customer service and advice as a partner, and this extends beyond those of a HubSpot customer. 


They can often access more tools and product features, as a partner. This could also give you an opportunity to try out new tools before committing to a full HubSpot purchase. Your agency should be able to show you the best tools for your specific business, thereby allowing you to get the maximum ROI from your integration.

Connect HubSpot with Your Marketing

As mentioned previously, HubSpot works best when it is integrated fully across your marketing and sales strategy. Therefore, you need a HubSpot agency that has experience with marketing on a wider scale. 


Learn more about your potential partner. What kind of companies do they work with? Do they also offer a marketing service?


The ideal agency will likely also be a marketing agency, whether full-service or specialist. They need to understand marketing best practices, and exactly how HubSpot benefits marketing teams. 


They should also be using HubSpot within their own marketing. Consider asking them for a demonstration, or a portfolio of clients that they have previously worked with. It’s even better if they have worked in similar industries to yours. 

At Nituno, we are a full-service marketing agency and a certified HubSpot Partner. We work with B2B tech and SaaS companies to generate holistic marketing strategies that optimize the available tools from HubSpot. Need help with your HubSpot implementation? Get in touch with us today.

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