HelloSign Integration With HubSpot: Getting Started

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HubSpot offers a variety of different integrations with its platform that are intended to smooth out the user experience and aid your sales process. Smooth marketing and sales processes ultimately provide a better experience for your customer. An example of this is the HelloSign integration with HubSpot, which facilitates the later stages of the sales process, where contracts are exchanged, revised, and ultimately signed.


These integrations typically come in the form of applications that you can download to both platforms. However, bear in mind that you need to make sure that the data between platforms is synced correctly so that no data is lost when transferred between them, in order to get the best service. 

How the HelloSign Integration with HubSpot Works

As mentioned, the integration deals with the later stages of the sales process. HelloSign is one of the biggest e-signing applications around at the moment, with over 80,000 loyal customers around the world. 


By adding the HelloSign integration with HubSpot to your account, you have all of the necessary contract-building tools right in front of you, as well as the vital information about your customer that you will need to include in the contract. Having all of this information in one platform will speed up and unify the contract process, and ultimately will aid in getting the deal completed sooner. A smooth experience for your business provides a smooth experience for your potential customer.


To set up the integration, it’s as simple as visiting the HubSpot App Marketplace and installing the HelloSign app to your account. All you need to do is log into the app using your HelloSign credentials (note: your email address for both HubSpot and HelloSign will need to be the same, otherwise the integration will not work)


You will then need to verify the integration on HelloSign and you’re ready to go.

hellosign integration with hubspot
hellosign integration with hubspot

You can build a contract template using your deal properties within HubSpot, which you can autofill using all of your contact data.

From here, you can create a HubSpot workflow to aid in the automation of your sales process. For instance, once a contact reaches a certain point in their sales journey – they will automatically be auto-filled into the contract template and sent. However, it may be a good idea to still send out contracts manually until you and your teams are completely confident with the content of the contract.


The HelloSign dashboard also allows you to check the status of your contracts once they’ve been sent. You can see if the customer has signed, and can send reminders if they haven’t.

Importance of HubSpot Integrations for Your Sales Team

Overall the HelloSign integration with HubSpot is just one of the many useful applications on offer, another one being the integration with Salesforce. All of these integrations help to streamline your sales process by keeping all of the necessary information in one place and giving you more in-depth reports. Not only does it help the processes and reporting, but also aids with keeping in contact with both other members of your team and customers. Nurturing doesn’t just stop once a proposal is sent.

At Nituno, we are a HubSpot-certified partner and can aid you with the HelloSign integration with HubSpot, as well as other application, to create an all-in-one place for your marketing and sales data. If your main data hub is a platform other than HubSpot, we can help you implement further Hubspot integrations to make the most out of any platform. 


Our sales teams have a mass of experience utilizing Hubspot as a source of truth. We understand how best to utilize the freedom and customization that the platform offers to give your contacts the most personalized interactions with your business.

To learn more about how Nituno can support your sales teams with the HelloSign integration with HubSpot, as well as other applications, get in touch with us today.

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