Digital Marketing Statistics: Q4 2022

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The marketing industry has been facing considerable challenges in 2022. Economical pressures and changes in the B2B industry have meant that many marketers have had to evolve and adapt their strategies.  Approaches that might have produced a positive ROI in 2021 now see reduced performance. Paid advertising and its decreasing ROI is just one example of the shift in the market. With this in mind, we conducted a survey to find out more about the state of marketing for Q4, and into the future. The survey was sent to over 3000 marketers in the SaaS B2B industry. Below are the key findings and digital marketing statistics, and what they mean for the evolution of marketing.

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The State of SaaS B2B Marketing Q4 2022

Survey Results

We asked a variety of questions in order to get a better understanding of the challenges marketers are facing, and where they are finding success. With new technologies growing in popularity, and shifts in the way people consume content, it’s important to know which strategies to focus on for Q4 and into 2023.  Here are our key digital marketing statistics:


Hubspot is Great But Marketers Need Help!

50% of marketers believe that they aren’t getting the full potential and ROI from their Hubspot integration

While Hubspot is one of the most popular CRMs and marketing tools on the market, so many marketers still feel they aren’t getting the most out of the software. This aligns with our experience working with software companies. If you’d like to learn more about how to optimize your Hubspot integration, get in touch with us here.


Messaging Apps Aren’t Being Used As Much As You Think

Currently, B2B marketers aren’t using instant messaging tools as part of their marketing or nurturing strategy

Instant messaging tools are really only beginning to emerge in DTC strategies, so this makes sense. However, B2B marketers have been using chatbots as a conversion on their websites for years. The reason they are growing in popularity for B2C marketers is that they provide a more organic experience for buyers. So, it might only be a matter of time before B2B marketers need to consider their potential.


Software ROI is Front and Center Even for Marketers

Around 50% of those surveyed said they would only consider onboarding new software in Q4 if it demonstrated a solid ROI

Proving the ROI is going to be critical in Q4, and going into 2023. Budgets are tighter than ever before, with bills going up and investments stagnating. A demonstrable ROI and talking profits might make or break a potential deal.


Email Marketing is Having a Resurgence 

75% of respondents said that email marketing was an extremely important part of their marketing strategy in Q4 2022

Despite this being one of the longest-standing digital marketing strategies around, email marketing remains one of the most popular for B2B marketers. Outreach seems to be having a better impact than inbound strategies on the current market, and email marketing is a great way to specifically target potential buyers. 


Inbound, Outbound, or Paid?

When asked about their primary marketing strategy in 2022, ALL respondents reported that outbound marketing was the most successful

As mentioned above, outbound marketing is performing vs. other marketing methods. The challenges that are facing so many businesses mean that few businesses are actually looking for solutions. While inbound and content will always be strong foundations for any marketing effort, outbound and outreach are proving to be the best way to make your voice heard. 


Paid Marketing Isn’t What it Used to Be

We asked participants about their current ROI on ad spending in 2022, and ALL participants said their ROI had either decreased or stayed the same

The marketing industry has been concerned about their ads’ ROI since Apple announced its privacy update in early 2021. Our digital marketing statistics prove that this concern was well founded. Paid ads just aren’t providing the same results as they once were. Q4 and 2023 marketers need to find an alternative.


Partner Programs Are Low-Hanging Fruit 

Only 25% of participants said they have an affiliate marketing program. 

Affiliate marketing has taken the DTC world by storm. Buyers trust their favorite content creators or partners to recommend products and solutions that work. However, the strategy has yet to fully take off in the B2B marketing industry.


In an industry where paid advertising is losing its efficacy, how can marketers reach their audience quickly and test messages? Affiliate marketing allows you to leverage a ready-made audience that has a pre-existing connection with the affiliate.

digital marketing statistics

The State of Marketing

As mentioned, in an evolving market, marketers must learn to adapt and find new ways to increase lead generation and build connections with buyers. 


Ultimately, the market is seeing drastically reduced investment, and budgets are tightening. Marketers need to prove that marketing is a must-have, and demonstrate the potential for loss of revenue without a solid strategy. 


At Nituno, we work with B2B tech companies to build marketing strategies that work in a challenging market. Whether you’re looking to open an affiliate program, or build a multi-channel marketing approach, we can help. Get in touch with us today.

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