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Startup Marketing Agency
Startup Marketing Agency
Startup Marketing Agency

At present, Google owns around 91% of the global search market. This might not surprise you, but is a clear indication of the need to implement PPC and digital advertising into your lead generation strategies. 


Outside of PPC, the world of social media advertising has grown exponentially. In fact, mobile advertising spend is expected to surpass $240 billion by the end of 2022.


An effective advertising strategy should target potential leads, wherever they spend their time online. Google believes that search ads increase brand awareness by over 80%. However, digital advertising can improve more than just your branding. 


The best digital advertising strategies increase conversions. Ultimately, this is why we spend our time and resources on strategic digital marketing and advertising campaigns. Find a digital advertising agency that understands the importance of PPC and digital advertising, to improve your lead generation.

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Digital Advertising Agency for Tech

The key to any digital advertising strategy is knowing your audience. This means setting a clear persona for every campaign. A well-defined persona is especially important in B2B tech, as concepts are far more complex than in the DTC marketing space.


In digital marketing, your persona is used to understand the top of the funnel. The person reading your content will guide what you write. If your persona doesn’t drive your content strategy, then it’s very unlikely to appeal to the right leads. 


Your paid ad strategy operates similarly. Knowing your buyer should guide your ads, as they need to resonate with leads. However, ad strategies have the advantage of targeting leads at the bottom of the funnel, too. 


Inbound strategies attract leads using content relevant to their problems. They don’t necessarily offer your specific solution just yet. Outbound strategies like paid ads can present a direct solution to your specified persona. 


Leads at the bottom of the funnel will know their problem, they might even know there is a solution. However, they may still be considering the right solution for them, or need remarketing as a reminder. Targeted ads should reach them just as they are prepared to make a purchase decision. 


Building a Persona


An effective persona will be built based on market research. Begin by honing down demographics, such as age, gender, location, industry and more. Then, delve deeper. Consider what their hobbies are likely to be, where they spend their time online, and what their interests are. It’s important to have a full picture of your ideal lead, so that your advertising can target them effectively. 


For example, a decision-maker in their forties might be more likely to search for solutions using Google or other search engines. Whereas, a younger CFO might be influenced by social platforms and mobile advertising. This information will dictate where you spend your advertising budget.


Bear in mind that your targeting might vary slightly from your content strategy. In inbound marketing and content marketing, your persona may not know their specific problem yet. Outbound marketing and advertising will target those with a specific problem, searching for a solution. Your strategy will reflect this difference. 


Content for Advertising

Good quality content isn’t just for inbound marketing strategies. Effective content marketing is used to position your brand as a thought leader in your space. Therefore, your content should be on offer throughout your digital marketing and advertising strategies. 


It can be tempting to focus on sales when creating digital ads. Advertising and sales often go hand in hand. However, the best ads offer more than just a “buy our product” message. 


Digital advertising needs to offer something in exchange for a conversion or contact information. Consider repurposing or re-using your most engaging content for your ad campaigns. This is a great way to drive conversions for your content, and further qualify your leads. 


Your leads should gain something from the interaction with your ads. Your content serves as a useful resource and nurtures your relationship further. Nurtured leads are far more likely to convert into sales. 


Why use Digital Advertising? 

The best digital marketing strategies use a combination of inbound, outbound and paid advertising. However, digital advertising can help to kickstart your marketing and lead generation. Inbound marketing is effective, but can take time to see results. A digital advertising agency can implement paid ads, while your inbound strategy begins to work.


The instant results provided by paid ads facilitate a test and learn messaging and keyword strategy. Digital advertising can be used to test your persona, and your messaging for that persona.


Use advertising metrics to learn more about what your leads react to. Most ad platforms, whether social media or Google ads, have a metrics system. This data is available almost instantly, once a campaign goes live. Therefore, you can tailor your ads based on impressions, conversions and engagement. 


Poor conversions can indicate that the messaging or persona isn’t quite right. It’s better to find this information out early on, before building an entire inbound strategy around that information. This ensures maximum conversion for your content and SEO strategy.


Digital advertising can also facilitate your keyword optimization. As you conduct keyword research for inbound marketing, it’s likely there will be keywords with a high difficulty. These keywords might be relevant, and have a high volume, but organic ranking just isn’t feasible. For instance, the keyword might have a number of authority websites, or too many sources. 


In this case, paid advertising can help to push high-quality content on a challenging keyword. Ads give your content a boost versus your competitors within the same keyword. This is why it’s important that your ads feature well-optimized content.

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Paid Advertising

There are two primary platforms for your paid advertising efforts. Though, the majority of advertising strategies utilize a combination of both. Again, it’s important to consider your persona, and use their identifiers to drive your advertising spend.


Social Media Advertising

It’s expected that over 4.4 billion people will be using a form of social media by 2025. Chances are, then, that your target buyer will be spending some of their time on one of many social media platforms.


Social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter all offer a paid advertising service. Social media ads can help to spread your reach further, and improve conversions of your content. In fact, social network algorithms favour high-quality content more than ever.  


For many of these sites, their ad platform is their primary stream of revenue. It can be easy to blow big amounts of budget by overspending on these ad services. It’s critical to optimize your campaigns, and choose wisely. 


As mentioned previously, the key is to focus on your target persona. There are plenty of social media sites available, but there’s no use paying for ads on all of them. Based on their demographics and further research, identify what social media they are using. 


For example, younger personas with a more informal background may be guided by platforms like Facebook and Instagram. However, older personas with experience in finance or in a c-suite role may be more likely to engage on LinkedIn. Optimize your ad strategy and spend wisely, not erratically. 


Search Advertising

PPC advertising is largely owned by Google. Chances are, your target buyer is using Google exclusively to search for solutions or problems, especially in the B2B space.


The targeting for PPC advertising is driven by the kind of problems your persona is having. Consider what content will resonate with them, and how you can help them overcome their working issues. 


Your content strategy should be guided by a selection of keywords, that are based on your persona. What search terms are they typing into Google, when they are faced with a problem? This is where you want to be ranking above your competitors, using paid advertising.


Around 63% of people admit to having clicked on a Google Ad. The ad giant’s average click-through rate (CTR) is around 2%. Bearing this in mind, it’s critical to target high volume keywords, that are relevant to your solution. Striking the right balance between relevance and volume will provide improved conversions. 

Video Advertising

The best advertising campaigns offer content, not sales. As mentioned previously, your ads should provide something in return for conversions and lead generation. Therefore, your ads need to provide high-quality content in order to make that conversion. 


The digital and online world is constantly evolving. This is especially true in the world of social media. Video content has become a staple in the offerings of many social media platforms. The exploding popularity of video-only platforms like TikTok prove that consumers are driven by video, now more than ever. This trend continues in the digital advertising industry. 


Around 54% of consumers say that want to see more video content from their favourite brands. As a result, 86% of marketers say that video content has improved their lead generation and engagement. 


Video ads aren’t only effective on social media platforms, though. The google-owned video platform, YouTube, has an advertising service of its own. The increased engagement of video content, combined with over 1.7 billion monthly visitors, makes YouTube a valuable tool in a digital advertisers’ arsenal.  

Advertising for Sales

Effective advertising strategies drive sales by nurturing relationships with B2B leads and potential customers. This is why a lot of ad campaigns focus on the bottom of the funnel. At this stage, some leads just need one final push, as they are relatively qualified. 


This is where remarketing through paid ads is particularly useful. Depending on the level of tracking metrics that your advertising platform has to offer, you can remarket to leads that have visited your website or engaged with you. 


Ultimately, it’s incredibly unlikely to secure a sale from one website visit. Relationships with leads are built over time, and this level of trust is what converts the lead into a customer. 


The best B2B ad targeting reaches a lead at the right place, at the right time, with the right message. A content offering and increased brand awareness could be all it takes to secure that deal.


At Nituno, we believe that a combination of inbound, outbound and paid ad strategies is the way forwards for B2B tech companies. Consider hiring a digital advertising agency. With effective persona research, and a strong keyword strategy, we aim to generate qualified leads to increase sales for your business. Get in touch with us today to see where digital advertising fits into your lead generation strategies.

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