Aircall: Top B2B Marketing Tech in 2022

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You may have heard of Aircall, a cloud-based call center technology, but why does it belong in your marketing tech stack? 


Consumers have a love-hate relationship with marketing phone calls. As the receiver, they may resent the immediate disruption to their busy days. However, as the caller, the personalization and immediacy of talking on the phone with another human being can be extremely mollifying. A report found that phone-based service was customers’ top choice, with 62% of customers preferring it to other methods of communication. 


But what about Business-to-Business (B2B) relations? From increasing brand awareness to offering timely customer service, phone calls still have a powerful role to play in the B2B space. But call center hardware can be expensive, unwieldy, and hard to scale, leaving businesses scrambling for alternatives. 


In today’s article, we’ll be examining one of the best. Aircall allows companies to maintain a seamless, global call center experience with just a headset and internet connection.

Revitalizing the Business Phone System

Aircall is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system, designed to give companies the full usability of a call center without any associated logistical burdens. 


VoIP systems work by using converting voices into digital signals in real-time, allowing users to make calls over the internet indistinguishable from those made by landline telephones. If you’ve ever called someone via Skype or WhatsApp, you’ve used a VoIP system. Not only does implementing a VoIP system lower your calling and maintenance costs, but with Aircall, it instantly offers you a complete call center package, unifying and empowering your teams across your marketing, sales, and service teams. 


Because this system is based entirely on the cloud, it can be installed in minutes. It’s also designed to integrate seamlessly with over a hundred major tools in your tech stack, including Hubspot, Salesforce, Slack, and 


Small teams are in some ways easier to unify around a focused vision. But with limited hands on deck, a company needs solutions that work – fast. For small businesses, the ease of use makes Aircall an effective choice (it’s part of the reason why we use it here at Nituno). Small businesses will also benefit from the dedicated Customer Success Manager, and phone, email, and chat support made available through Aircall. Furthermore, a study by Bullseye Telecom found that businesses could save 50% to 75% on communication costs using VoIP instead of landline services. 


For medium to large businesses, Aircall’s friendly, simple UI makes it easy to use cross-company, to maximize team collaboration and productivity. Hubspot’s business model, the Flywheel, highlights the importance of a shared set of values and a continued thread of customer experience through all customer-facing teams. Aircall follows much the same principles – making Aircall and Hubspot a powerful combination.


Key Benefits of Aircall

Aircall has an impactful place in marketing. ‘Click to Call’  buttons are, surprisingly, one of the most effective calls to action (CTA) a business can have on its website. A click-to-call CTA has been found to increase a site’s conversion rate by 200%.


Phone calls have a uniquely powerful place in the B2B industry. While cold calls are often portrayed as annoying, this is likely only the case with poorly targeted, irrelevant calls. If you are implementing a strong marketing strategy and nurturing your leads correctly, it pays to be bold with those truly qualified to buy. 


Research suggests that it takes five follow-up calls to close the majority of leads, and yet 44% of salespeople will give up after one unsuccessful follow-up. Only 2% of deals are closed at the first meeting.


Perhaps it’s no surprise that tenacity breeds success in sales. But did you know that if a web lead is followed up in the first five minutes, you are nine times more likely to convert them? 

Or that on average, businesses miss around 22% of inbound calls? Furthermore, 66% of web searchers place high importance on being able to call a business when they’re ready to buy, and 70% say they regularly call a business from a mobile search ad.


This is all to say: that a business that does not prioritize phone calls is missing opportunities, and by extension, revenue. 


Aircall understands this need for agility. They eliminate call logging, automating workflows and allowing you to manage all your call activity inside your chosen CRM such as Hubspot and Salesforce, while their ‘click-to-dial’ feature allows teams to maximize their efficiency. 


Managers can also use advanced analytics to track trends across conversations, translating time into bookings, demos, and conversions, and can use ‘whisper calling’ to give their salespeople discreet audio guidance during a live call. 


But the benefits don’t stop there. Aircall is an equally powerful tool for reinforcing your customer service. 


There are few things an aggrieved customer finds more infuriating than being unable to reach an actual human being. According to a study by Microsoft, 30% of consumers described it as the most frustrating roadblock to good customer service.  Aircall allows employees to route calls remotely, automatically display context from previous conversations, and debrief each other before handing the call over with ‘warm transfers’ – all ensuring there is always someone prepared to take a call and swiftly resolve a dilemma. 


Using Aircall you can maintain a united front even when team members are in different cities or even countries. Furthermore, if you find yourself needing to outsource further support, the system can be used to reroute calls to your external support.


No matter what technology you choose to build your B2B marketing tech stack, a strong, specialized marketing strategy underpins all successful B2B companies. Nituno’s CEO previously founded a B2B tech startup, and he witnessed firsthand the lack of marketing agencies focused on the unique needs of B2B companies – so he founded Nituno. 

We use a combination of inbound, outbound, paid, and video marketing to drive traffic and turbocharge growth for each of our clients. Our writers are SEMrush and Hubspot certified SEO experts. If you need an effective content plan or strategy, book a free website audit today.

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