AI Startup Marketing Launch

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Launched AI Fintech Startup

UK-based Company From a Top University

The Client

Our work

The client is a UK-based AI Startup that works in the finance space. They offer Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions that power investment insights and forecasts. The company focuses on translating the widely available financial data into high investment returns with smarter predictions.

AI Startup

The Problem

Our work

Marketing AI is Challenging

Marketing and selling AI software is challenging. Customers are slightly scared of the solutions and they expect magic. Our customer’s software was built from the ground up to solve a specific problem but they needed to build demand and educate their potential buyers before meeting them. 

The client was targeting a funding round, and needed to demonstrate a clear positioning within a defined market. It was also critical to establish a website, and use this to find fresh leads.

The Solution

Our work

We worked together to identify a relevant market, where the client could solve buyers problems. They needed to prove that they were a must-have, rather than a cool technology. 

We then focused on content marketing that clearly explained the problem they solved and educated their buyers.  This shifted their existing market positioning to become a leader in their specific niche. We worked on generating website content to reflect this branding and positioning.

AI Startup

The Results

Our work

New Website Launch

Their newly positioned website launches in December 2022. The shift in marketing message and market positioning helped them find their first customers and pushed them toward their Series A target. 

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